Upcoming Events


San Diego County Fair, Funville Stage

June 20th, 12:30-2:30pm



Baskin Robbins Murrieta Fundraiser

June 25th, 5-9pm


Rubio’s Temecula Fundraiser

June 26th, 5-9pm


San Diego County Fair, Funville Stage

July 1st, 3-5pm


Rubio’s Temecula Fundraiser

July 31st, 5-9pm


Hot August Country Music Competition

August 9-10, 2019, 8am-8pm

The Hot August Country Vocalist Competition is an annual event hosted by West Coast Country Music Association to find  the best country, gospel, and bluegrass performers in the state of California. Held at the Promenade mall in Temecula, this competition gives artists the opportunity to compete in a large public venue that offers great exposure for California’s talented performers.  The winning vocalists in each category represent the state of California and WCCMA for the next year. The top two vocalists in each category are eligible to represent the state of California and the West Coast Country Music Association at the North American Country Music Associations, Int’l (NACMAI) competition. The NACMAI competition is held March every year in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Winners that choose to go to the NACMAI competition are also included in our Nashville Experience trip and are featured at the Winners’ Concert and Chili Cook-off, as well as our Front Porch Concert.


NACMAI Competition

The North America Country Music Associations, Int’l® was formed May 17, 1997, by Peggy Franck “to promote the development of the Country/Gospel Music Industry in each state and country through an International Association.” They promote and inform members of the industry and the public about resources available in the various states and countries for country/gospel music production. This is accomplished by bringing together the various state/international country music associations and/or foundations in an organized method.

By presenting the opportunity to compete before state and international country music industry personnel, NACMAI has been able to carry out their mission to discover, showcase, and promote emerging and aspiring country/gospel/bluegrass music artists.
Each state/country is required to host an annual competition and awards show for these aspiring artists with the understanding that the top two winners of the various categories will compete in regional runoffs, with the winners representing their respective states/countries at the national/international finals.

Schedule During Competition Week
Tuesday: NACMAI competition starts for California performers. We support each of our performers by attending their performances. During the evenings, we attend shows and attractions and the evening jam sessions at the host hotel.
Saturday: NACMAI workshops and Hall of Fame Show
Sunday: NACMAI Awards Show
Monday: Go home 🙂